Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Braid Hairstyles for your Wedding

What can i say. I simply love braids in all their shapes. But i never actually thought of using the braided hairstyle for my bridal look. Maybe because I've been wearing different types of braids since i turned 7 years. But finding this braid styles i really wonder if i should have a braided hair for my wedding as well. There are different braid types such as crown braid, accent braid, lace braid, rope braid and so on. What do you think of this braided hairstyles?

If you are worried because your hair is short, no worries! You can easily wear hair extensions in your hairdo!

Simple and elegant bun with narrow braids around it! What a beautiful way to show your neck!

Make a braid crown!

Who said that ordinary braid can't be festive ?

Healthy braided hair looks beautiful by its own, but if you want some extra in it to make it more festive ,you can decorate your braid with clips, pins, colorful ribbons and leather strips. Cover up with the beads, jewels, gems and net. Put artificial and fresh flowers. The sky is your limit!

Here you can find some nice braid instructions :)

Bridal style part 1

Bridal style part 2


Monday, January 30, 2012

Long or Short Wedding Dress ?

Some brides know exactly what kind of a wedding gown they want. They know what colour and how long will their gown will be.. I honestly wasn't the one of those. Since i first started to even think about possible wedding I've been jumping from style to style wanting too many things and all at same time - pretty please ! :) I started with the thoughts of having a short 50's style dress with HUGE and fluffy swing skirt, no tiara, no veil , no gloves and only some flowers in my hair :) I really was excited about wearing a short knee length wedding dress and super cute heels. But i wouldn't be me if with time going pass some doubts wouldn't come to my mind...

This were my thoughts... We are brides only once ( hopefully ) and there is only one time we can actually wear a long wedding dress with a trail and all the accessories coming with it ( yeah princess staff ). So that was it, and even tho i keep on bumping to the idea of short knee length cute dress, i made my final decision on having long gown with trail and all. But not a super long trail for me, you know the ones that make bride make a buss type of a turns? Hehe, i want to keep myself in a good mood on my wedding day and not keep on shouting on my guests because of they are walking on my poor dress  :) Anyhow, i have my wedding gown already in my closet ( will show you my dress after the actual wedding happened ) but the thoughts of short gowns still keep on coming into my head.

So what should we think about when deciding to have a short or long wedding dress? I will try to put pluses and minuses for both styles:


+   Fantastic for 50’s Rock & Roll type of weddings
+   Easy to move and dance in
+   Won’t get easily dirty and no one will walk on the trail
+   Can show off your fantastic shoes and beautiful legs
+   Can wear HUGE skirt without looking silly
+   Great for casual type of wedding

-    Demands good looking legs especially if the dress is showing knees
-    Less gowns to choose from, usually bridal stores have only few short dresses for sale
-    You might need to find a good seamstress
-    Dresses are surprisingly expensive
-    Achieving bridal look can be more difficult? Don't think any bride wants to look less dressy than her guests
-    Depending on the length can make legs look shorter


+   There is endless amount of different styles to choose from
+   You will definitely look like a bride
+   Less unforgiving to your legs

-    Harder to move in, especially with long trail
-    Skirt get dirty easily
-    Not very comfortable to dance in

                       Mori Lee                                            


So, which dress type you are going to choose for yourself ?