Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food on Sticks - Fruits

It is extremely hot here. Well, hot if you consider that the at this time last year just before our wedding the trees didn't have much leafs and it was cold and some snow on the ground. This year it is + 25 C for about 10 days now! Yeah this is HOT for Finnish weather :) When the weather is like this, my love for food on sticks wake up after long and cold winter!

Tomorrow me, my husband and our friends are going on a picnic and I've been looking for different foods on stick and it came to me, that this would be awesome for the weddings as well! Can there be any more fun way for especially kids to eat their food? And why not grown up as well !

How about fruits on sticks instead of flowers as the centre peaces ? :) I would definitely love some strawberries in chocolate <3

Apples can extrimely delicious on sticks with chocolate or caramel sauce !

You take an apple of your choice and use a melon scooper to get mini apples. You get about 8-10 mini apples out of one big apple. Put a stick in each apple and then squeezed moisture out of each mini apple with a paper towel. Melt some chocolate or caramel and dip each apple in it. If you want to decorate more then do it while chocolate isn't yet dry.

Mmmmm.... i think i shall make some for tomorrow's picnic! Yeah i definitely should :)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Polka Dot Wedding Theme

Polka Dots... Can there be anything more prayerful and fun without been over the top princess like girly ? Polka dots will make anything look fun. Especially if you are going after 50's style wedding i would say that polka dots are your best friend to achieve the right feeling ! :) 

Polka Dots can be used in decorations, outfits, accessories and even in the food. Only imagination is the limit of where and how to use the polka dots. Here are some of examples i thought are inspiring!

Polka dot prints can be very simple as well, like white on white, blue on blue... By choosing this type of polka dot print you can achieve more ethereal look.

Dotty sheer things like this can be worn by the bride and her bridesmaids, they would be a cute little detail especially with a shorter length of a dress. photo

Are you afraid it will rain on your wedding day ? Well don't worry, with this cute umbrellas you will only wish for rain to start ! :)