Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

What can be more romantic than flowers in a bride's hair? You do not necessarily need sparkles or any complicated hairdos as the flowers itself will make you look bridal and beautiful looking. The tradition of decorating your hair with flowers dates back to the 1800s. In the 60s, girls wore flowers in their hair to portray their connection to nature and symbolize love, innocence, and divine beauty. Nawadays especially for bridesmades and flower girls is common to wear flowers on the wedding day. 


You can use both natural living flowers or a "fake ones". Flowers could be perfect accessory especially for those brides which decide no to wear a wedding veil on their wedding or want to take the veil off after wedding ceremony is over.

There are numerous possibilities of different kind of flowers with different shapes and colours. So it won't be hard to achieve unique bridal look you want. Of course the fake flowers are most easy to wear. They will stand well at any type of weather, won't fade out and can be worn after the wedding. But if you choose to have real flowers for your wedding updo i would suggest to talk with your florist and ask for those flowers which will stay the longest looking fresh and beautiful. Long lasting and good looking flowers for example are orchid , plumeria, gardenia, peonies, stephanotis, lily, baby's breath, daisy, freesia, wax flower and of course can't forget about roses.  I would suggest you to be very careful especially with lilys as they can have a very strong odour.

How to wear flowers on your wedding day? You can wear your hair bouth up and down with flowers of any choice of yours. In general, use larger blossoms with simple styles, smaller ones for more intricate looks. I would say that very small flowers will look great especially in a big amounts while big flowers are better to wear more carefully, you do not want your flowers to "eat you alive " :) 

How to keep flowers lookig fresh? Store the flowers for your hair in a refrigerator or cooler until you are ready to use them. Mist your hairstyle with hair spray for the final time before attaching the flowers, as the alcohol and polymers in hair sprays can damage delicate blossoms. To wear a large bloom, like the cymbidium orchid, cut stem to one inch; pierce it with a U-shape hairpin, and insert the pin into the thickest part of the hairstyle. Small individual blossoms, such as stephanotis, can be attached with a small beaded hairpin, pierced through the flower's center and stuck into the hair.

 Here are some examples of a different hairstyles with natural and fake flowers. Hope you will enjoy :)



This one isn't actually a bridal hairstyle as such, but i think it gives nice idea how to decorate your hair for the wedding day. You don't actually need to have much of a hairdo if your hair looks healthy and beautiful by itself. Just decorate it with little flowers to get the soft bridal look.


Ps: photos found all over the wild wild web hehe :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hair accessories - Hair Pins : Pearls and Crystals

I will probably talk about showing your personality and your taste till you ask me to finally shut up and never blog again, haha. But for me that is the most important thing when thinking how you want to look on your wedding day. Do you really want to look like every bride at every wedding you go? Or would you want to have some WOW factor or just something that would make your guest think " Ohh, that is so HER". I've been trying to have this thought of not been exactly different than any bride, or having the wedding that no one ever had, but simply using my own taste and searching for the things that would represent me who i am as a person and as a bride. 

Such a simple thing as a hair accessory you will choose can give you the feeling you want to achieve. There is big difference if you choose to wear tiara, sparky pins, beautiful flowers or just simply put a nice veil over your hair without playing with any hair toys. Your taste should determine what will be on your head and not something what brides suppose to wear! I will be really happy if you will keep this thought :)

Basically for any updo hairstyle you will need to use some sort of hair pins. Those can be plain bobby pins or hair pins. Nowadays you can find them in any colour you desire, but the basic idea of this plain pins is to make them do the job of keeping hair in place and hide themselves in the hair.

Then there are different hair pins which will make your hair pop up and those are the ones i would love to introduce you to. Most traditional looking hair pins would be with white pearls. This pins you will usually expect to see in the brides hair. Here are some from Light In The Box

You can easily add some sparkle in your hairdo by having beautiful swarowski crystal hair pins. This ones are by Sara Libbey

Pearls and crystals are perfect together, by tilleyjewelsbride

Snowflakes by Light In The Box



The stone of this hair pins can be in any colour you would think of, from sparkling white to dark red. Made by  Amore Treasure

There is little touch of medieval in this pins, by tilleyjewelsbride

Can there be more luxurious looking pins than the ones from Miss Joan Shobby

I will be showing more of the hair accessories for you in a later posts <3