Friday, March 30, 2012

Wedding Ring Pillows

This came totally as a surprise for us. I never even thought originally needing a wedding ring pillow or any other kind of ring caring item. I always thought my fiance's best man would carry the ring in his pocket and give it at some to my future husband. But then me and my maid of honor had a little talk and it came to my mind that it would be incredible adorable if our 6 years old godson would be our usher. He would carry the pillow with the rings and stand near best man by the isle. So suddenly we need a pillow to carry! And there are  some different pillow to choose from. One of the basic things for me is that i want the pillow to be somehow useful after the wedding as well, but still be weddingly enough for the church. Anyway here are some of the pillows i found so far.

This taupe satin ring pillow is decorated on the front side with a darker taupe sash. In the middle is a lighter taupe rose wih a pearl and rhinestone decoration. Found on ebay

This pillow made with bridal quality dupioni silk features golden colored lace, delicately creased by hand, on which sits a gorgeous and lovely light ivory flower. The charming bloom consists of an organza embroidered with ivory floral leaves and lace. The bloom on the golden-colored crease, hand made with delicate craftsmanship, has a sense of volume, making it look special. In the middle of the ivory flower, there are pearl flower seeds and a ribbons. Can a pillow be more gorgeous peace of art than this ? By Mirino

Ivory ringbearer pillow is lovely in double scalloped ivory net lace on a satin band, decorated with a single peacock feather, a satin ribbon bow and a beautiful rhinestone centering. By JLWeddings

An ivory matte satin ringbearer pillow decorated with pearled and sequined alencon lace and an ivory satin sash cinched by a crystal centering. This pillow is so far my favorite! Elegant and beautiful! So don't rush buying it, i still thinking hehe JLWeddings

Black matte satin ringbearer pillow decorated with double scallop ivory lace, a Tiffany satin ribbon bow, black feathers, and a pearl surrounded by crystals centering. JLWeddings

Luxurious dupioni silk ring bearer pillow wrapped in a feather boa in ivory/champagne tones, topped off with a vintage style irredescent crystal brooch. PleasantLeeHome

Simple and beautiful silk embroidered wedding pillow EllasCreativeGoods

Silk pillow with an organza ribbon and beautiful pearl decorating. And the colour is simply delicious ! By MillieICARO

More from MiellieICARO. Isn't this stunning ? I can definitely see this kind of pillows used in te bedroom decoration after the wedding ! Only negative part is that they are on an expensive side, but you can really understand why the price is what it is... Gorgeous!

Ivory Silk Dupion beaded pillow by CeremonyDeluxe

Elegant two layer fabric covered pillow. Ivory satin fabric covered by sheer gold fabric. And a HUGE bow if you didn't notice :) EllasCreativeGoods

For a more nature ispired wedding perhaps ring pillow like this. This rustic wedding ring pillow is made of a natural linen with a crossing of burlap ribbon on the top. A handmade rosette of the same fabric decorates the top with two chiffon flower buds. A narrow ivory ribbon loops about the rosette to attach the rings to, and a tuck of burlap finishes everything off. Twining Vines

The ring pillow is wrapped with natural burlap,vintage look style and can be personalized with wedding couples two initials and a date on wood burned heart. How adorable is that ! <3 By breezemountain8

 Rustic looking wedding pillow EllasCreativeGoods

This adorable pillow can be esily used in the room decoration after the wedding, but has still this wedingly feeling, bedbuggs

Here you can find some lovely instructions on how to make a wedding ring pillow with a flower all by yourself. I think those instructions were very good!


Ps. more to come :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In love with Lily of the Valley

There is a new flower i am simply in love with, and that's is Lily of the Valley ! There is something so delicate and feminine and beautiful in those little white flowers! Our wedding in on 9th of jun. Spring and Summer usually come late her in Finland. So maybe , just maybe i could have some Lily of the Valley in my bridal bouquet! <3

The only things i am worried about are this.
  • Florists say that Lily of the Valley can either stay well or can die very fast. So there is this little risk that my bridal bouquet will have some very dead looking flowers in it :)
  • Lily of the Valley has kinda strong adore. So must be careful with not overusing this beautiful and fragile flower
  • The flower as i heard can be kinda  expensive, but hope that it will be less expensive on it's growing season

Gare Kelly with Lily of the Valley flowers on her wedding day ! Photo <3

Catherine's bouquet here


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making Seal Wax Stamps


So we decided to have a seal wax stamps on our wedding invitations and possibly as decoration at our wedding venue as well. I thought i would try out making some stamps. Here are items i had for making some seal wax stamps.:
  1. A spoon ( that you will never be able to use again after making seal wax stamps ), 
  2. Stamp itself
  3. Seal wax sticks
  4. Candle ( in the end i used 2 candles at same time as my spoon was so big )
  5. Match
  6. Foil (because i want to be able to take stamps off easily for practising)
  7. And a cold water cup ( for cooling down my stamp, though make sure your stamp is dry before making stamps )

 I break seal wax stick

I then put my spoon with seal wax over the candle and let wax melt. Yeah it take a long time to melt, so in the end i had 2 candles to make melting little faster.

 After seal was was melted i put small amount of wax on the foil and put seal wax stamp on it very fast ( wax cools down extremely fast so need to put seal wax stamp right away)  keep stamp few seconds on wax and take off)

 Here are some seal wax stamps i made. Some are very nice looking, but some are not as good. But i think practise is needed in everything we do, so i hope by the time i will need to send our invitations i will have mostly good looking seal wax stamps!

I like seal wax stamps that are bigger size with nice "chubby" edges :) 


Ps. Seal Wax Stamp and Seal Wax Sticks from Blue Sign

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding Photography Information

Here are some great tips and interesting information about photography on the wedding day. Hopefully you will find them as useful as i did! <3


Monday, March 19, 2012

Holiday Inn Oulu Häätapahtuma

This informations is important for finnish brides. Especially brides from Oulu arrea so i will be writing this in finnish!

Kaikki tulevat morsiamet, sulhaset ja niiden bestmanit, kaasot, äidit ja isät ovat tervetulleita häätapahtumaan Oulun Holiday Inni:ssä. Luvassa on ainakin kakkua ja mahdollisuus voittaa esimerkiksi kukkalahjakortin, valokuvauslahjakortin, hääyön upeassa Holiday Inn hotellissa. Ja mitä parasta...ei sisääntulomaksua! <3 Niin ja se on sitten huomenna 20.3!

Kannattaa osallistua! <3


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Table Name Card Holders

I am right now trying to decide what kind of name cards will we have on our own wedding. So i thought i would first decided TO HAVE or NOT TO HAVE a place card holders at all, and then everything else! If we will have holders i would want something interesting looking, but something that won't make tables look too full of staff, which i think can easily happen with name card holders. But anyway here are some things i found so far, some of which perhaps are little less traditional :)

Picture Frame Name Card by MiLKKrafts


An interesting idea would be to use an old  decorated wine corks as a table card holders. I think something like this could be easily done. First you need to start saving all the wine corks.... Yeah LOTS of wine corks. If your wedding is still years from now, then i would suggest to start drinking wine now hehe :) Otherwise you can get this name card holders from Kara's Vineyard Wedding

There we saw some wine corks used as a name cards... But how about champagne cages..?This little chair name card holders are made by Becky Kazana

Or maybe champagne corks with some sparkle ? Karas Vineyard Wedding

Elegant name card or table number holders with pearls by CreativeStamps . I like this kind  of items that you can see been used after the wedding as well. They could be a nice photo holders and a gift for your guest to take home with.

Or how about letting your guests pick their name cards and choose the seats on the specific table by themselves ?  This way less headache on who will seat next to whom and there is no need to find a place for the card on the table. Escort Card Holders by Spotted Ink Shop

Good Fortune Cookies from Mi Bride and Groom

Table name card with a flower in each. I think in this case there not necessarily any other flower arrangements needed on the table. And i love the idea of each guest getting a flower to take with them home! Well, you could say this holders hold flower and not a card, but they are lovely :) Photo from here

A paper flower name card holder by Dragonfly Expression

Adorable heart topped kissing bell place card holders.. I think this silver place card bells look very cute and i think could be a nice little gift for guests to take with them as a reminded about the wedding. I'm not too sure Finnish guests will get the idea about playing bells to make wedding couple kiss, but who knows... And it could turn into a nightmare with all the kids running and playing bells non stop hehe. But otherwise i think it would be a new idea here as i don't think many have seen such on a wedding or anywhere else. One thing i am not sure. Perhaps they are little too modern looking for what i am wanting on our wedding day and the colour silver might be off... But yeah they simply adorable <3 Bell place cards from Light In The Box

Are you perhaps good in making things yourself ? Here is some ideas for those who want and able to make things for the wedding !

Stone Name Cards, This ones from The Papery Nook