Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Putting On The Wedding Dress

When you choose your wedding dress.. Did you think about how you will put it on? Did you know who will actually be helping you with it? Were you sure that someone would know how to lace the back of the dress? Or maybe this thought never came to your mind while you were admiring yourself in the mirror? Well, those questions are important. And if you didn't think about this yet, then this is very good time to think and talk with people around you. The thing is , that the more complicated and bigger the dress is, the more help you will need. On my wedding day i needed both my mom and my sister to help with putting the dress on, as otherwise my hair and makeup wouldn't survive the journey :)

Photo from 1860 by London Stereoscopic Compan

and today....


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Suprise Proposal Preparations

Only 3 rules:
  1. Ask for her father's blessing, old fashion but adorable!
  2. Make it a complete surprise. 
  3. Have somebody catch it on camera :)

Sorry for showing this suprise proposals again ... but i just love them so so much <3 :D


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Backyard Santa Cruz Wedding

There are always huge debates about getting professionally done photography of the wedding day or not. Some couples still believe that it is more than enough, that mostly all the guests have their cameras with them and that at least couple of photos will workout well. Then there are those couples who believe, that you can't really trust that the photos made by guests will really work out well. I am one of those who thinks professionally photographed wedding is the best way to go if you want beautiful memories for yourself and your future kids. If the money is biggest of the concerns, then cut from something else.. Just think what a disappoint would it be if non of the guests photos are good ?

I thought i would start showing some of the weddings, that in some way touch my heart or just are unique and inspiring looking. I will start with the amazing wedding kept in Santa Cruz. This was a beautiful outside wedding with lots of beautiful details and soft colours. Photos made by Danielle Gillet Photography are so peaceful, full of love and beautiful nature. I hope you will enjoy looking at this stunning photos as much as i did!

".... thank you for giving me the wedding of my dreams...."

Stunning bride with long simple veil with organza flower, a slightly mermaid shape of a wedding dress and beautiful colourful bridal bouquet.

A handsome groom waiting for his bride.

Bridesmaids flowers

Bridal bouquet

Invitations seems to picture the exact place where the wedding was kept. Looks like the pictures were painted with the watercolours. Same palette of colours can be seen in the bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and decorations. Stunning way to show the quests what to expect from upcoming wedding.


The sills of straw with white fabric as a cover gave the rustic feeling to the aisle.

Different shades of pink roses in the light blue glass canisters gave festive look to the aisle.

The board with the namecards.

Using moss for decorating ? Just remember that you can't pick the moss without the permission of the landowner ( at least here in Finland ).

Information about the bridal party

How about fresh flowers and cake topper looking like your pet?

If the weather is stunning, then there is no better place to celebrate wedding than outside... Unfortunately here in Finland with the good weather we get mosquitoes as well :)

You can't go wrong with colourful flower arrangements

Unique touch with glass plates in light green colour

Celebrate your marriage with your own tree which which will grow each year bigger and stronger like your own marriage.

After Party at the backyard.

You can bring your animals to the wedding photos as well . Dress them up appropriately :)

Happily Ever After... <3


PS. photos from here

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Once Upon a Time - Princesses

I am one of those people who always loved Fairy Tales. As a child i found myself often daydreaming about been a princess, living in the castle, falling in love with the prince, getting married and living happily ever after :) So you probably won't be surprised to hear that I've read all the princess stories that could found, watched all the princess cartoons, movies and so on and so on. When my sisters were little, I was reading to them... lately I've been reading less, but i still get super excited when a new movie or a cartoon came out.

Can you guess my excitement when i saw first advertisement about Once Upon a Time TV series ? Shortly, series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, In which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales that were transported to the "real world" town by a powerful curse cast by the Evil Queen. The start of this series was interesting, but i was really curious how would this story develop and would it really keep me wanting to see more. And you know what ? So far I'm liking :) Especially dresses, hairstyles - all those are so adorable <3

For me the looks of Princesses were extrimely important. And i especially love the Snow White choosen for this serial. Here are the princesses of Once Upon a Time <3


( photos are from google search )