Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Outerwear for Winter Wedding

Snow fell gently on the cream wedding cake,
A winter wedding right next to the lake.
Everyone smiled, what a joyous time!
The bridesmaids all smiled as they stood in a line.

The bride!  What a beautiful, enthralling sight...


Winter wedding...  When thinking about winter weddings first things that come to my mind are warmth of candles, hot chocolate drinks, beautiful white snow and freezing cold outside. I like first ones a lot, but feeling cold isn't something I'm happy with. But no worries, poor brides won't be freezing outside while everyone else is wrapped in their winter coats, caps and scarfs. Depending on style of the wedding dress and personal taste it is possible to find something that will keep your warm and bridal looking no matter how cold it is outside. Bridal stores are full of wedding coats, jackets, boleros and stole. And if you are searching for something extraordinary for outwear on your wedding day, the world of Internet will be really handy. 

While i was searching for beautiful winter outwear i couldn't stop thinking of how we should have decided to have a winter wedding after all... But then again, how in the world would i manage to pick only one coat anyway ? :)

The style of outwear you choose for your wedding day will depend on the wedding dress you will be wearing. With a mermaid, empire, medieval, wiggle dresses (gowns that do not have wide skirts)  it is possible to wear any type of coats, jackets, boleros and stoles. While princess style, A-line and full circle swing dresses will look better with short jackets, boleros and stoles. Here are some ideas for your wedding day.

When i saw this coat i thought there was something so elegant and stylish in it. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if some bride wouldn't want to take the coat off at all ... Who cares if it's warm inside and what kind of a dress you have under it when you can look this beautiful? :) DressBridalGowns

Have you ever dreamed about medieval or elvish world ? In this coat with fur borders you will fill beautiful like a medieval princess.  Joyce Young Collections

Why not make your coat be a part of your whole outfit? Dragonorient

Something white, something warm and something super cute is found here

You can find something useful for your wedding in many unexpected places.. I think this royal looking coats could be fabulous part of a wedding outfit, and you can be sure that your coat won't be unnoticed by your guests Shrine of Hollywood

I have a soft spot in my heart for handmade items. Handmade items are often more unique looking than the ones you find in any department stores. I felt like i hit a Jack Pot when i first time found ETSY - the online store. I would really suggest you to check what a numerous amount of fantastically talented crafters can offer for your wedding day. Here are some ideas from ETSY :

Cute, romantic and warm looking stole by SpAZooiEWhat else would you want?

Absolutely stunning and unique designs by TianaCHE

Want to feel like a riding hood? Here is white riding hood with white feathers by  KatSwank 

Lady look with faux fur and muffin by sewudesings

Or you might be interested in something completely different and original for your wedding. In this knitted sweater-coat you sure do, made by amberstudios

Hope you enjoyed so far. I will be telling more about scarfs, winter shoes/boots and grooms cots in the next posts <3


PS: All the items were for sale while this post was made

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