Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wool boleros and scarves

Earlier I've been showing you some examples of winter outerwear for winter brides. Usually fur stoles, jackets and boleros are thought as the bridal winter outerwear. But i never was a usual type of a person and not a usual bride either, so i looked for something else as well :)

For many years knitted and crochet items were thought to be very unfashionable and more of something our grannys did while seating on the rocking chair.  Every girl probably have this memories of granny/mom/aunt making an ugly looking sweater for Christmas present and forcing us to wear it, yeah... the worst nightmare for a teenager, as that hideous sweater could destroy any cool outfit... :) But lately this has been changing. Suddenly even high fashion houses demonstrate knitted/crouched/waulk garments. It seems that half of the friend circle has been learning to knit and Internet is full of  "How to learn.."-type of videos. That is why it is little surprising that woolen items are still rarely seen in the bridal clothing. With following items hope i can make you consider to use them somewhere in your bridal gown and for your bridesmaids.

You wonder how will you manage to go outside in a woolen scarf? Yes of course it is true if there is -25C outside, there is no way little woolen scarf or bolero would keep you warm or at least for long time (but do you need for long time anyway ? ), but otherwise wool is very versatile and can actually be worn at any time of the year and most important can be worn even after the wedding. Wedding already makes you buy so many things that you will wear only once that i think it's really great if you can use at least part of your wedding gown after celebration. And why not make something yourself, making simple white scarf isn't difficult or very time consuming.

 If you still wondering if it's even  possible to look bridal in a knitted scarf, the answer is YES. And you will look stunning in it! But actually you don't need to trust my world on this, you can simply look at this beautiful designs made by  ForYouDesig

Here you can see the same scarf used in a two different ways, isn't that beautiful ? Soft Additions 

You can easily decorate your scarf with family jewelry, hair accessory or put a nice silk ribbon to keep your scarf in place.CoppertopDesignsUK 

Perfect union of knitted braids and fur by KaleidoscopicCouture

Traditional scarf for your wedding,  Bearytales by Mireil

Your arms will stay warm in this bolero but at same time will let your dress shine, by Starknitting

I'm getting married in jun, but our summers are really unpredictable and especially evenings can be surprisingly chilly. I would really love something like this but in ivory colour <3 Made by denizy03

Your bridal look depend on your taste and style of your wedding gown. If you love colour, why not bring some colour to your bridal look this way. Starknitting

One scarf can be used in many ways, this one can be used after the wedding as well. Don't you love items that are versatile ?


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